We have combined the science of brining, with our expertise in flavour matching to create a killer brining kit with an awesome dry rub that has been designed to completely compliment each other and deliver a knockout finish to your bird. Whether its Turkey, Chicken, Goose or Duck, our Rosemary Garlic and Basil dry rub will compliment the sweet flavours of the poultry and add a radical finish to really elevate your meat.


Brining your bird with this festive brine kit will increase both the tenderness and moistness of your cooked bird. Traditionally Turkey's can dry out during cooking due to the meat being extremely lean. Combat this by adding a little science and flavour combo that will ensure your bird retains more of the juices, remains moist and adds just epic flavour once cooked.


This easy to use kit contains everything you need to fully brine your bird this Christmas. Contents = 

1 x Extra Large Turkey Brining Bag

1 x Turkey Bag Tie

1 x Turkey Brine Solution (dry)

1 x Garlic, Rosemary and Basil Dry Rub 

1 x Full Instructions


We love brined turkey, and we are sure you will once you give this simple method a try. 

Turkey Brine & Rub Kit


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