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Braai is a word that is held extremely dear to South Africans. It’s more than just a word for cooking meat over fire and coals, it has deep cultural, social, and historical roots that evokes a feeling of national pride, connection to friends and family, and a way of life. But don’t be fooled, although the word braai can be loosely translated into barbecue, you should tread lightly when using that term in sunny South Africa, especially around a braai!


Why not cook up a storm with this perfect duo of our amazing award-winning South African Braai Rub, and Waz’s Sauce Hut new release, the Ambassador sauce.


The flavour of these two marry together perfectly to deliver a true taste of SA.


What are you waiting for, order today!


Please see individual products for nutritional information, ingredients and allergens.

The South African Duo - Rub & Sauce

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