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Braai is a word that is held extremely dear to South Africans. It’s more than just a word for cooking meat over fire and coals, it has deep cultural, social, and historical roots that evokes a feeling of national pride, connection to friends and family, and a way of life. But don’t be fooled, although the word braai can be loosely translated into barbecue, you should tread lightly when using that term in sunny South Africa, especially around a braai!


Typically to braai is to cook meat over wood or charcoal, but also refers to the cooking apparatus, the method, and the flavour. I am sure you have come across familiar braai dishes such as Boerewars, Sosatie, and Potjie. But do you know what flavours are typical to braai cooking? We have tried to encapsulate the rich, earthy, and deep notes and blend them to deliver an intense full-mouth flavour. Lamb chops, steak, chicken, and seafood are all common proteins in braai cooking which is why we have created this all-purpose seasoning that will go on absolutely anything. Ingredients such as traditional braai salt, South African peppadew peppers, cayenne, and lemon thyme meet the rich tones of oak smoked paprika, coriander, and allspice, before being lifted with a zing of lemon zest.


You may remember our 2021 limited edition British and Irish Lions tour rub. Many of you have asked us to bring it back so we have ramped up the concentrated flavours, intensified the depth, whilst keeping that familiar and much-loved taste in our new version of this now, great classic.


Why not grab a pot, embrace your inner braai, and chop ‘n dop like a pro.



Braai Salt (Salt, Onion, Spice Extract), Smoked Paprika, Coconut Sugar, Black pepper, Garlic, CELERY SALT, Cayenne, South Afircan Peppadew, Coriander, Lemon Thyme, Allspice, Lemon Zest




All allergens are highlighted in BOLD. May contain traces of nuts

South African Braai Rub & Seasoning

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