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This is not your ordinary Korean inspired rub, this is the real deal!


Gochujang is a fundamental ingredient in traditional Korean cuisine. It's slightly spicy, funky, salty, and all kinds of savoury, with an underlying sweetness from fermented soya bean.


We wanted to encapsulate these amazing flavour profiles and deliver a rub that is as close to a traditional Gochujang paste as possible, but in rub form.


We use traditional Gochugaru (Korean red chilli), Meju Garu (fermented soya bean), and red miso as the base, a combination of flavours that deliver not only on the palate but also visually.

Our take on this Korean classic is a real taste-bud tantaliser. It's thick, rich, slightly sweet, and has umami in abundance.


And if you're wondering... Yes, with a little warm water and a touch of rice wine, this can be ground in a pestle mortar to make the original gochujang paste.


Gochujang is such a versatile ingredient, that it can be used with almost any protein, any veggie, or added to just about anything for an intense and rich Korean flavour or spice kick.


We love this rub on;

- Ribs - Pork, Beef or Lamb (known in Korea as Dwaeji Galbi)

- Wings

- Lamb breast/kneck fillets

- Pork Butts

- Whole Chickens

- Even added to your favourite BBQ sauce or mayo for a Korean slant. Our Kansas City Sweet Heat BBQ sauce is a great base to add to for an ultimate Asian BBQ sauce!


Why not go more authentic? Try our rub in traditional Korean recipes such as;

- Bulgogi - Tender thin sliced Beef cuts such as traditional steak cuts (we love sirloin, fillet, picanha, and rib Eye) are best. Freeze your choice of cut to allow for a thin cut. Smother in our Gochujang rub and grill hot and fast

- LA Galbi - Alongside Pork Belly, Short Ribs thinly sliced into small thin chops (can be done by your butcher) are a great vehicle for our rub to create a rich and intense beef delight

- Jeyuk Bokkeum - A spicy Pork stir fry classic that heroes Gochujang to the max. Add our Gochujang rub to a marinade mix of plum sauce, hoisin sauce, soya sauce, gingr paste, minced garlic, a little corn starch or cornflour, and a dash of rice wine vinegar. Marinate and flash in a pan over high heat for an amazing, full-flavoured mid week treat

- Gochujang Saewu Gui - Spicy Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Korean Gochujang

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