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This is the new go to for just about anything and everything if you are looking for a real seasoning hit.


S.P.G is favoured by the Texans for their bbq seasoning and our version follows the same simple concept, but amped up with the exceptional inclusion of Black Truffle and Wild Garlic. The grain size is perfect for applying to larger cuts and holds up under cooking, or can be used as a simple finishing seasoning hit.


The enigmatic truffle has long been the secret ingredient used by chefs the world over to add wonderful depth to all kind of dishes.


We have taken the finest black truffles harvested from the northeastern Girona forest and had them gently dried to preserve their luscious, intense flavour. We then combine them with the very finest ground Cornish Sea Salt flakes, a little French garlic, punchy cracked black pepper, and our infamous Scottish Wild Garlic to create a rounded, balanced seasoning which holds up exceptionally well on juicy meats that are either smoked, cooked over fire, or in everyday cooking.


This exceptionally premium S.P.G rub and seasoning has a good grain size and is expertly balanced for using on large cuts of meat such as a traditional Texan brisket, Picanha, short Ribs, tri-tip (rump cap), and cope well under high heat from direct grilling.


This rub and seasoning has no sugar and no added rubbish, just pure and awesome core ingredients. It is gluten and dairy free and suitable for Vegans. Due to containing no sugar, this rub and seasoning works well cooked over open flame and intense heat.


There is no other S.P.G rub and seasoning like it in the market so why not treat yourself to a little indulgence.



Black Truffle S.P.G

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