A deep Spanish Chorizo inspired rub which delivers on colour, taste and depth whether you are cooking Low'n'Slow or Hot and Fast.


So what makes this rub so special I hear you ask? Isn’t the taste of Chorizo just heavy Paprika? We thought that too but in fact the perfect chorizo taste is much harder to re-create. Yes, Paprika plays a key part in the makeup of this rub, however we enlisted the finest sweet Spanish Paprika to carry the weight of the addition of hot Smoked Paprika, Ancho chilli and Aleppo flakes which in turn deliver a warming after heat without overpowering the flavour. Tomato powder adds both sweetness and Umami depth, as does the inclusion seaweed powder and mixed dried mushroom complexity. A plethora of herbs with a little evaporated cane juice (Columbian Panela) combine with subtle Bay Leaf tones to further intensify the flavour profiles. All in all this rub delivers in Umami depth, a richness, and let’s not forget that colour, irrespective of which protein you apply it too, the end result is an amazingly vibrant and rich dark mahogany with noticeable specs of herbs.


This rub works well on all white meats, as well as oily fish and roasted veggies, it's even great in Chilli Con Carnes and Pit Beans!


Pimenton BBQ Rub 200g

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