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Rich cherries, sweet and spicy cola flavours all come together with a warming chilli kick to deliver a knock out rub.


The colour this rub produces is out of this world, and the flavour is super sweet, sticky and extremely moreish.


All the trademark tones of a cherry cola have been captured in this rub. Ideal with wings and ribs, however it will go with literally anything. We even add it to our bbq sauce to create a rich cherry coloured cola bbq sauce.


Go be creative! This is a family favourite you won’t want to miss out on.



Dark brown sugar, glucose syrup, maize starch, sea salt, cinnamon, citric acid, dried cherry powder, mono sodium, cola flavouring, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, chilli powder, beetroot powder, star annise, lime


Allergens highlighted in BOLD. My contain traces of of nuts

Cherry Cola Sweet Wing and Rib Dust

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