The British and Irish Lions, the very best Rugby Union players from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are united every 4 years in one team, one elite unit that demands pride, respect and honour.


This year see’s The British and Irish Lions tour travel to one of the richest rugby nations on the planet, South Africa! So, to celebrate, we have created a taste sensation, a rub and seasoning that celebrates everything African, using traditional flavours and a ingredients that are sure to make you ROAR!


Braai is not only the Afrikaans word for ‘Roasted Meat’, but also a way of life, and a social custom, pride for every South African.


You may be familiar with the cuisine, dishes such as Boerewars and Sosatie which you’ll find on any Braai. The flavours are rich, earthy, and deep with deliver a intense full mouth feeling. Lamb chops, steak, chicken and seafood are all common proteins which is why we have developed this multi purpose Braai seasoning that will go on absolutely everything.


So cheer on the Lions this summer with this limited edition rub and seasoning, the 'Official Unofficial' BBQ Rub and Seasoning of The British and Irish Lions 2021.




Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Coconut Sugar, Black Pepper, Garlic, CELERY SALT, Cayenne, Peppadew, Coriander, Lemon Thyme, Allspice, Lemon Zest.

Allergens are highlighted in BOLD

May contain traces of nuts

2021 Tour Braai Rub & Seasoning